Headshot of Martin Guerrero

Martin Guerrero

Global Policy Partnerships and Community Impact Specialist, Block, Inc

Headshot of Michele Lee

Michele Lee

Senior Public Affairs Manager, Cruise LLC

Headshot of Thomas Foley

Thomas Foley

Executive Director, National Disability Institute

Headshot of Adam David

Adam David Jones

CEO/Founder, Zeer

Headshot of Nathan Stuck

Nathan Stuck

Founder & CEO, Profitable Purpose Consulting

Headshot of Shlok Shah

Shlok Shah

Operations Director, Synergies Work

Headshot of Elizabeth Jennings

Elizabeth Jennings

Deputy Director, National Disability Institute

Headshot of Sheila L. Hamilton

Sheila L. Hamilton

President/CEO, Sheila Lee & Associates, LLC - Learning Everywhere®

Headshot of Talibah Bayles

Talibah Bayles

CEO, TMB Tax & Financial Services

Headshot of Dr. Samantha Scott

Dr. Samantha Scott

Founder and CEO, JuneBrain

Headshot of Omar Ritter

Omar Ritter

CPA, SPHR Employee Resource Network Leader, Wells Fargo

Headshot of Heather Lawver

Heather Lawver

Founder and CEO, Perfectly Pitched

Headshot of Philip DeVliegher

Philip DeVliegher

Vice President of Supplier Diversity, Disability:IN

Headshot of Andrew Porter

Andrew Porter

Operations Manager, National Disability Finance Coalition

Headshot of Pam Porter

Pam Porter

Executive Director, National Disability Finance Coalition

Headshot of Ruby Taylor

Ruby Taylor

M.S.W, CEO and Founder, Financial Joy School

Headshot of Aanuoluwapo Omoleye

Aanuoluwapo Omoleye

Founder, AbleBooks Africa

Headshot of Mai Ling Chan

Mai Ling Chan

MS, CCC-SLP Executive Consultant, CEO and Cofounder, Exceptional Lab

Headshot of Marcela Shine

Marcela Shine

Head of Community, Director of Marketing, ZenBusiness

Headshot of Mariah Barber

Mariah Barber

Founder, Invisible Strengths

headshot of Austin Breckenridge

Austin Breckenridge

Senior Small Business Advisor, PeopleFund

Emerson Sekins

Executive Director, Northwest Access Fund

Caroline Selia

Strategic Partnerships and Content Manager, SMBX

Jesse Magee

Jesse Magee, Musician

Andrea Freedman

Founder, Puppy Luv Dog Boutique and Spa

Kristin Gross

Founder, Navdee

Anthony Reynolds II

Head of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Office of Disability Inclusion, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Lisa Jones

Director of Economic Inclusion, Northwest Access Fund

Dr. Felicia Kelso

Founder, I-DIVE, Reasonable Accommodation Solutions

Diego Mariscal

Founder, CEO and Chief Disabled Officer, 2Gether-International

Matthew Shapiro

Founder and CEO, 6 Wheels Consulting

Jane Jonas

Founder Eyeth Studios and Co-Owner, Lost River Vacations

Jasmin Duffey

Founder, Blinded By Ambition

Lorraine Woodward

CEO and Founder, Becoming rentABLE

Alisa Herr

Founder and CEO, Unity Web Agency

Frank Allnutt

Owner and Pitmaster, Allnuttville Smoke Shack

Keisha Greaves

Founder, Girls Chronically Rock

Sarah Nakintu

SBDR, Partnerships, Verizon

Victor Ocando Finol

Founder and CEO, Adapt the Game

Suzanne Edwards

Accessibility Standards Lead, Airbnb

Jennifer Yeh

Founder, Big Little Insights

Daniel Van Sant

Director of Disability Policy, The Harkin Institute, Drake University

John Kirkwood

Founder, CityMouse

Sierra Georgia

Founder, GELAT’OH

Nikki Powis

Director of Small Business Programs, National Disability Institute

Maria Cuba

Director of Community Partnerships, Airbnb